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Published: 09th September 2011
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Online kids worksheets are everywhere online! Most of them are very useful, too. Using free printable flash cards and practice worksheets can really boost your student's academic abilities. Think about it, the thing that most children need is practice with the basics.

Teaching Math? Download free printable flash cards that can be printed with the answers on the back or not. Why not? This way you can give a set to the students who need review not quizzing. So many times children see review as real drudgery. Hand them the twelve cards of one of the tables to review three times each, and poof! The work is done. Do it together first to model what the numbers say. Then let them review the cards themselves several times a day, just a quick painless review. They'll be happier to review the next time, and if you have them learn the Math facts in order first they'll remember them better for the future.

Math work sheets can offer the same review of the Math facts if there is space to copy the equations three times each. When I am teaching the addition tables, I pair the Math worksheets to the Math flash cards and use the worksheets as practice and the flash cards as the quiz. Dr. Art Robinson says on his website that children as young as 7 can learn all four tables in a few months! How I longed for that result. I gave it a try last year using Math worksheets and coordinated Math flash cards and, truly, all four of the children, aged seven to twelve, were able to pass the flash card quizzes of all four operations. Thank you Dr. Robinson!

Yes, it took time and yes, the children thought that the work was hard, but their excitement grew as they realized how much easier each successive table was to learn. Subtraction used the same Math facts as addition and multiplication is simply fast addition or skip counting. The hardest table for them to learn was the addition table. Of course, the oldest was done in about two months and a seven year old beat the ten year old, but even the ten year old was finished in six months. In a way, this "hard work" was way easier than the work other children did to learn the tables over the three or four years that most Math lessons require.

Printable phonics worksheets can be paired with phonics flash cards in a similar way. Because phonics requires sound, someone necessarily must say the sounds with the flash cards, on the board, or on paper to model what the letters say. Once you've taught the sounds hand the children the worksheets that teach the same sounds. You can use video flash cards once your students can pronounce the sounds well.

Now, think about this and rejoice. All kids worksheets that teach any writing skills can also teach handwriting. Most sites have manuscript writing worksheets since so few schools now are teaching cursive writing, but there are still many sites that offer free cursive writing worksheets. Some children find it difficult to make the switch, but if you teach cursive as simply linking the letters together there are less than a dozen "new" letters to teach. Once the children get the basic strokes of a circle, a short stroke, and a tall stroke, they can make most of the manuscript letters and only need to connect the letters for most of cursive. The rest is style.

One of the values that I find to teaching cursive is that it helps struggling readers "see" the letters grouped together as a word simply because they are connected. When the children write in cursive they reinforce the word as a unit that is separate from the other words in the sentence. Even when they use manuscript later their words are more distinctly spaced. I have seen beginning cursive students finally "get it" in reading because of this grouping skill.

As you can tell, I really like having kids worksheets available for practice. I think that you will too! Practice makes perfect and lots of practice makes perfect fast!

We started building our website,, in the fall of 2009. Our home based e-business allows us to share our free printable flash cards & kids worksheets with thousands of visitors every day. Come see our practice worksheets for easy practice of the basics. Download and share!

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